PTA Scholarship

Instructions and Application Forms
1. The number of scholarships and the amount granted is determined annually by the Winton Woods Community PTA. For the 2016 Winton Woods High School graduating class, a total of three (3) scholarships will be awarded by the Winton Woods Community PTA to honor and recognize our outstanding students:
 One (1) $500 scholarship
 Two (2) $250 scholarships
2. The WWC PTA Scholarship Committee will comprise 3-5 judges, selected by the PTA Vice-President to the High School, with the following qualifications:
 No familial relationship to scholarship applicants
 Minimum of 21 years of age
 Ability to be objective and impartial
 Preferably with an education background, but not required
 Preferably a WWC PTA member, but not required
3. Scholarships will be awarded based upon the following criteria:
 Academic achievement and leadership
 School involvement and school extracurriculars
 Outside-of-school activities and community service
 Short essay
 Two (2) personal recommendations
 Any other info provided by applicant
4. Applicants must plan to attend college, university, or a technical school full-time in the fall of 2017 and must verify admission with copy of acceptance letter, registration, class schedule or some other proof of admission from the institution.
5. For consideration, the following items must be completed and submitted by the deadline date:
 One-page application form (typed or neatly handwritten. Additional sheets may be attached.)
 A current copy of your high school transcript
 Two (2) evaluation forms – one (1) from a current teacher one (1) from a teacher or community member of your choice
 Proof of admission to a college, university, or technical school for fall of 2017 (If you do not have this yet, you may still apply for the scholarship and submit this at a later date.)
6. Completed applications must be returned to Mrs. Pat Woeste in the Guidance Office by Friday, April 21. Other than the recommendation forms which may be submitted separately, all other documents are to be submitted together in a manila envelope with “WWCPTA Scholarship Application” and applicant’s name written on the outside. This includes the completed application form, a copy of your transcript, and proof of college admission (if you have it. If not, it may be submitted at a later date.)
7. Recipients will be announced at the WWHS Senior Honors Awards Night held in May.